Wedding Officiant

The wedding is a special day in a person's life. It is something that you and your families will remember forever.


Family Counselors

Our family counselors can walk the path with you to guide you through a variety of life’s challenges.


Child Counselors

We believe it’s as important to heal the wounds of the heart as it is the physical injuries.


Welcome to Cornerstone Christian Educational Ministries, Brooklyn, NYC

Brooklyn, NYC based Cornerstone Christian Educational Ministries offers various educational and religious services to its members and the wider community. Our friendly, professional, and non-denominational ministers perform various religious ceremonies and assist members who are seeking spiritual guidance.

We are united to educate, equip and empower humanity for the Glory of our Lord. We work through the proclamation of the Holy Bible, the explanation of the scriptures and the exaltation of the Savior. We strive to put all our efforts into strengthening the relationship of every member with the Lord God Almighty. We assist the needy in finding wisdom, encouragement, spiritual accountability and support as we continue to build faith in Christ and the ministry that God has uniquely called us to.

We at Cornerstone Christian Educational Ministries believe in honor, in being generous with our love, our time, resources, our talents and our encouragement just as God has been so generous with us. We offer various religious services like Marriage Officiant, Family Counselors, Educational Ministries, Child Counselors, etc. So, join us and help us to help our community grow multifold by the grace of God.

Our family and child counselors are always ready to help you.